Try And Make Sense

Marty Willson-Piper, Niko Röhlcke

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Lyrics (unofficial)

It's 3AM in the morning
I fall asleep with the dawning
Sunlight finds a crack in the curtains
I lie awake for how long I'm uncertain

Get out of bed
Clear my head
Try and make sense
Of the warnings

Every day needs a reason
And it seems like this is the season
As madness strives to choke and surround you
And people's lives direct and assign you

To a place
With an unknown face
Try and make sense
When I find you

Your face is cold as a window
Your eyes are gone, who can reach you
And when I see the victims of your game
I understand you but hate you all the same

'Cause deep inside
The knots they tied
I try and make sense
Of your pain