Magician Among The Spirits


Transcription by Jens Berke.

Cadd9     x32033
G         320033
G5/F      2x0033
D         xx0232
Am        x02210
Em        022000
C         x32010

Cadd9         G                 G5/F  D
You should decide what you want to believe in


Em                    Am
And I just can't help wondering
D                    C
It's such a waste of time

These chords are for the chorus ("That's the blues man..."):

G5        355xxx
G5/F#     255xxx
G5/E      055xxx
E5        022xxx
F#5       244xxx
C5        x355xx

They are played in this order:

G5  -  G5/F#  -  E5  -  F#5  -  G5/E  -    G5/F#   -   G5  -  C5
                                (play these 3 chords fast)

The lines from the chorus are sung during the C5 chord.



Transcription by Brian Hutton.

Em/E Strum 12 String               Em
|X-X-X-4-4--4-4-0-0----playing the 4 adds b -closer to the 12 string sound
Hark to Roualt's white insanity        Clowns in drag concealing vani

Asus2 (Am with c to b)              C                               Em
ity         This is hardly Paradise  We're still in search of petty



Transcription by Jens Berke.

I haven't figured out all of the song, but here's
what I've done so far.



Bridge 1:   F#   E

Bridge 2 (before the start of the chorus):
I haven't worked out that, but the third and fourth chords
are these ones (any votes for a name?):

x 0 10 9  8  10
x 0 12 11 10 12

The last one of this bridge is C5:

x 3 2 0 1 3

Am (5th fret)]     G
Hold me closer ladyboy
                                   Am (5th fret)
There's a rope that's dragging you out of this world
It doesn't care if you're heavy girl ...


White Star Line/Gypsy Stomp Single

Gypsy Stomp

Transcription by Glynnis Johns.

Starts with violin Dm

Dm A# F (2x)
According to my calculations
It ought to be around here somewhere
Despite all human limitation
My estimation is it's out there

Gm A# (2x)
And don't get cute with me
It's matching you to me

Dm A# F (2x)
Here is the object
Here is the logic
This is the subject
Is that what you wanted?

Listen to me
I'll do what you want