Uninvited, Like The Clouds


The chords go along that way for the whole song:

Dm Gm A#


Unified Field

Transcribed by Jens Berke, corrections by Brian Smith.

Bm (open) x24430

G Bm D Em

I'm not sure about the Bm (open) in the chorus, but to me it sounds more

C D Em Bm(open)
C D Em
C D Em D


Space Needle

Transcribed by Brian Smith.

Cm C#

"Where oblivion is beckoning"
Am Dm (or D5 or D9) (rpt)

Sometimes the Cm and Dm are played as C5 and D5, that is, the
minor 3rd is not played and you just have C and G (c5) and D
and A (D5). Do that if the Cm or Dm sounds too insistent and
out of place.



Transcribed by Brian Smith.


In the chorus you can lift the lower two fingers off the A so you
get a transition from the A major to G major

A -> "just the C# on the second string" -> G (just like the stories...)

Try different transitions between the two chords for effect, like
A9, A6 etc.



Transcribed by Brian Smith.

D G D G A (street at night)  G F#m (in the) G (broad moonlight)

The "you don't have to be like that" where the bass puts it into
a minor feel doesn't affect the guitars, it's just the bass doing
it. So to fake it with just a guitar you'd need to play a fast

Bm A Em G...G G D <- back into main pattern


She'll Come Back For You Tomorrow

Transcribed by Brian Smith.

verse Am Em (rpt)
chorus  G Dm Am (play F instead of Am when going to bridge)
bridge (used at end too): E Am Dm C G Am


Pure Chance

Transcribed by Brian Smith.

Amaj7 (release 2nd string (b) for effect and also the F# on the
top string is nice too)

Fmaj7 Esus4 Amaj7

"my wife was soft..."
Gm Gm/C (335333)

If you're brave you can try transitioning from the Esus4 to Amaj7
via the Bb on your A-string (1st fret) - that's the one-step shift
they do at this point, as best I can tell.


Day 5

Transcribed by Jens Berke.

Pretty simple actually, if you just wanna strum the chords:
it's all just D, C and G.

C                             D
  We came to a chasm dark and wide
  And drifted in silence through endless anemones
  In shallow dreams
C                              D
  Life was beginning to take a shape
  Water was warm as it hastened our enemies

D  G  C
          This kind of world will start a little colony
D  G  C
          This kind of earth will eat a little energy
D  G  C
          This kind of thing needs a little secrecy

The D and C in the verse can be played a bit more interesting,
like shown below (though it's not exactly the way the guitar is
played on the album - however, it's a bit closer to the live acoustic
versions): strum the D, let it ring while descending note by note
from the E-string to the G-string. Then shortly play chord - whatever
its name is - right before the C, and then the C itself. Additionally,
you can let the C chord ring and play around on the B string.