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Many thanks for this resource. An incredible collection of work.

I am currently preparing for a Church Tribute Show in 2023. This site has been a huge help.

Not sure if Steve or the boys get to see this - But I would love to invite them to come along and watch the show.

The Church were the single most important influence in my musical career. It would be an amzing honour to have them join us as special guests.

Kind regards


I think this was lost!!!
So many times checking and didn't find it.
Great you are back again with all this incredible work.
Best Regards from Spain.

I would like to greatly thank you for such a tremendous archive on The Church. You literally have no idea how many times I have referenced the Concert Chronicle (easily a few hundred times in the last 5-10 years) well as on occasion for the album and lyric info. It is truly an invaluable site for megafans like me! What is even more amazing is how much more in-depth it is compared to archive-type sites for bands that had much more commercial success than our criminally underrated band.

Thanks again for your fantastic website!

Thank you so much for this site, I knew Steve Kilbey was prolific but I didn't know about 50% of his output. There is a real lack of info here in the UK, and especially in Derby. HMV (our biggest record shop) didn't even stock the Man Woman cd, so any side projects is rarer than finding a Thylacine rolling in rocking horse shit.

Thanks again.

Wonderful job!

I went to my favorite record store in 1984 and bought "Seance" as an Import from Australia with the pink cover. For a long time it hardly left my turntable for very long. Songs always seemed to end up on my mix tapes. I been a fan ever since. Wish I could see The Church live. I feel the music recently is just as good or even better than before. "Seance" is my favorite still. I guess I am one of those "aficionados" that Steve mentions in his post online. I do not care about the record sales. In the 1980's sales did not matter when it came to substance. I think it is because I am a Beatles fan, too.

I saw the boys play in ridiculous heat last night. Steve was checked out, ready to go home. [He] skipped out quick on their Meet & Greet. Love & best wishes Steve. Ian, Peter & Tim were so kind & gracious. Truly the best guitar band ever.

Looking forward to seeing you live this summer. Loved your music since I was in high school in the '80s. Glad you are still making music together.

Long time fan just checking out the site for news. Cheers!

Have Loved your music since I first heard it back in the 80's and had it on vinyl. Finally reconnected with your CD's on Amazon about a year back and have an 18-song compilation CD I listen to to work and back each day. I grew up in the 60's and 70's and played in bands in High School and to this day write, record and release my own music, but I never tire of listening to Church's music. So tight and way ahead of its time to a point of being timeless and poetic. I personally feel one of the Greatest bands in the world: Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Drums so "right on!" in each song. So glad I reconnected to you through your site and hope you tour the US soon!

I've been a fan since '81. I'm thrilled to find this site with so many resources on Church music, discography, and videos. Great work!

Seen you guys at the Eaton's Hill secret gig. Steve you still rock it so hard and have that trademark voice. Loved the new stuff you played. Ian Haug was such a good choice to take on lead guitar. He adds something that wasn't necessarily missing, you always sounded great. But he has made it that bit greater. A gig to remember for life. Cheers.


Looking at the lyrics of countless songs, beautiful, mystic, gorgeous....

I can't believe it took me so long to discover this great resource!
Thanks for the great info, wonderful design and the time it took to put it all together so fans like myself can enjoy!

I've been follow the Church, the best band of the World, since 1985, I've been to please with it, I will need no other band to take place with. Keep on going until I'm gone (maybe 20 years or some... you never know). I will follow you!

I once was lost, but now I'm found. Was blind but now I see and hear The Church.

Hello, just wanted to say I really enjoy the music, so thanks.

Like the look of your site.

Great site! Thanks for your efforts!


You're back! You're back! *kiss kiss kiss* I've missed this site! Thanks for reviving it!

I still remember the concert given by The Church in Valencia, Spain, in 1988 (I was 18!). Thank you for so many years of your music!!

Love the site.....constantly checking stuff on it. Don't know how you find the time to keep it all so up to date....

Thanks again for all the work you put in on the site.


Love your music, always have and always will. Saw you live, 3 years ago at the Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry N.H. You probably don't remember it but for me it was a pleasure to finally see you guys live. Any chance you will come this way again?

Devoted fan,

Hey guys,
Happy to be here...luv your music and videos.
Keep on rockin'!!!

I LOVE "Under the Milky Way" and have for years. I'm looking forward to delving into your music further.

Your fan,

You're the best band of all the times. Thanks for enriching my life every day with your music. Love forever. Roberto

Is there any word on a new Church CD release? I am anxiously waiting for some new songs and a tour!

Mr. Fipster, it's great to see that your discography is online here on Earthlink. You had people at the forums quite worried that all your hard work had gone away with the .mac webpage hosting.

My best wishes for 2013
Fernando J. Rodriguez

Just saw the concert at Bimbadgen and you were unbelievable. You were the standout band on the day. Devo and Simple Minds were OK but you out classed them musically, lyrically and were the most entertaining. Please come up to the New England area I would love to see you again.

Ahhhh... I am so relived to know your wonderful discography site is back online. Please keep up the good work.

So glad you're back online!!

So glad this site is back up and running, Mike! I've been lost without it. All the best to you.

So glad to see the site is back up!

So happy to see the discography back online!

Nice to see you back!


Nice to see this website again. It's the best one from any musical group ever.

Hi you... The band that has been with me for all my life.

I'm 44. I'm Anthropologist, Musician Composer (maybe it will be sounds strange for you, but I like to compose prog rock songs inspired on Genesis, King Crimson and... The Church!!)and I try to be a writer. I have lived the pleasure that supposes to hear Anaesthesia in Bolivian Altiplano, 4000 m height and slowly be nothing, fly in evanescence. I have lived the pleasure to hear Reversal ascending to Chukkung Ri, in Nepal, 5500 m, in front to the Lhotse Wall (8516 m), 3500 m wall of ice and rock, I... A lot of songs that have filled my experiences of a lifetime: Anaesthesia, Under the Milky Way, Snowfaller, Crash—oh my God, I forgot Aura and all the tracks of this Masterwork. Thank you for existing. You are the Goldsmiths of Evanescence. Thanks. Un fuerte abrazo, amigos!!

P.S.: Please, come to Barcelona or some other town near of, it would be a dream come true.

Desde que en 1988 mi novia y actual mujer me regaló Starfish formais parte de mi vida, lo guardo en lo más profundo de mi corazón. Que suerte tener una banda como vosotros para endulzar mi alma y el sueño que es la vida. Gracias.
Since 1988 when my girlfriend, and now wife, gave me Starfish, you have been part of my life. I keep it deep in my heart. How lucky I am to have found a band like you to sweeten my soul and the dream that is life. Thank you.

Thanks for your records and your music. When the tour in Italy??

Just saw the band live at The Forum in Melbourne (30/12/11). What a fantastic show. I can remember seeing them way back in 1981 at some small pub in North Melbourne.

I followed them for a while then dropped out. Didn't look them up again till the Untitled #23 album. I have since rediscovered their back catalogue. What can I say but WOW. What great music. The Church are back up there with my other favourite bands like Marillion, Gazpacho and Yes.

Here's to many more years of great music.

I have enjoyed your music for many years.
Looking forward to seeing you guys again in Newtown or Taronga Zoo.
Merry Xmas to you and your families.

Been a fan since 1981. First saw you in Perth in 81/82. Seen you many times in London. Still making great tunes. Keep it up!

I would like to thank you for all of the wonderful music you've provided to me throughout the years. I have enjoyed many of your shows and continue to appreciate your musical talents. Keep up the good work! I'm tuned in :O)

I've been a fan since 1980. My favorite album is Heyday. It's harder to pick a favorite song but maybe Disenchanted is it. I've seen you guys twice in Vancouver; wish you would come back.

Thanks so much for all the great music!

It's an honor to be your fan. I grew up in the '80s and I discovered your full music since now. Live forever THE CHURCH!!!

You guys are and have been and will be always incredible song-smiths and musicians...dream it and then record it...what you share with us fans is very much appreciated!

One of my favorite bands of all time. Would have loved to have seen the Future/Past tour.

30 yrs of awesome music. When will they hit the US?

The Church is in my humble opinion the greatest indie/alt rock band ever!

Please come back to San Diego soon :))

I reckon Already Yesterday is one of the best songs ever penned. Haven't seen the band since 1981 at Bondi, cos I live beyond the styx now. Maybe one day this can be remedied. So good to have one Oz band which is here for keeps, especially one as good as the Church.

Was lucky enough to get to see the amazing Psychedelic Symphony gig at the Opera House in April 11. Truly awesome concert. Can't wait for the dvd to issue.

When will you guys come to Brasil?
We've been waiting for you for a long, long time.
Congratulations on the band's return.

Guys, I really enjoy your music. you just keep getting better and better. I saw you for the first time in Ottawa in 2009. and the temperature played a little trick on the set list. But you guys really amazed me and it was worth every second of it. Big thanks for this moment. You really touch people around the world, even as far away as Quebec. Hope to see you soon. Fan since Heyday!

love you guys to death!

Thank you to The Church for the exciting music I've grown up with. Any album can always cheer me up or make me even happier. So many memories of the best Sydney gigs. Keep up the good work. XXXX

Caught your Atlanta show in February 2011. Been a fan for 30 years and was ecstatic to finally catch you live. Can't wait until next time!

Really appreciate your work. Been listening since Seattle during the mid/late 80's.

Awesome show in San Francisco.

Please, please, please come to Denver. I'm 38, have never seen the band, fear I never will and just get laughed at all the time by the wife for having a "million" albums by some gospel crooners.

Just got untitled #23 a few weeks ago & I'm finding it something very, very special.

I have been a loyal fan since the very early days. Cannot say enough, in words, of how incredible this band is and how they inspire all kinds of feelings for those who partake of their sounds. Would be honored to be a guest here and many thanks for putting together this splendid site. Best regards, Robert

The Church give me a sources of energy that lets my mind wander. I'm let by them to drift from space to space. Like the clouds I move ever so slowly or entirely in any one direction. The sound from The Church is comforting on my inner self's own secretive pains and suffering. January 11th 2011 I turned 48, and I found myself now that I have let The Church grow up with me and within me, casting shadows or moving my spirit to and fro. It's been a great ride. I still show up, and you let me, and that is something special that you give and allow me to have from you. I appreciate you so very much. Cheers mates.


Fip's response:

Not only do we have a similar appreciation of the band, but we also share a birthday. Though you have a year on me, old man. :-)

Your music is amazing.

Long-time Church fan. So much you hear lately seems very Church-infused; they're under-rated but very much appreciated!

Thanks for puttin' this together.

One of the few great bands that get better with age!
Thanks for the many, many memories!

Awesome!! Great job, mate! Such a great tribute the guys! Peace...

What a great resource...looking forward to diving in!

I first saw The Church at the Commodore in 1988. They had just released Starfish. Well, I just saw them again on April 9, 2010, in Seattle. I don't know why I waited so long to see them again. It was a brilliant show. Check out the current tour - a 30 year celebration.

Thanks for this site, a minor mecca for a CHURCH-fan like me!

Since first hearing The Unguarded Moment at year 10 school social, it's been a cosmic ride ever since. Like great red wine, age (albeit just a measurement) has proved to be a notable ingredient to what I feel are the best written lyrics and most creative, time halting music I've ever experienced.

Big Church fan since 1981. Remember buying all the old vinyl stuff and listening over and over again in my bedroom while the British music press were telling me I should be into The Smiths. Loved Seance like mad. Loved all those what seemed like exotic EPs that came out at the time and were priced like it, coming over from Australia, I suppose. Heyday, Starfish... there aren't words, amazing music. And still listening today. I'm astounded at how great the early stuff sounds on CD, tbh. You boys are the biz.

My favorite band and fan since '85. Still waiting for gig in Finland.

What a brilliant website! Definitely befitting of such an awesome band. Only found out about the fantastic words and vocals of Steve Kilbey a mere 4 months ago, so I have plenty to keep me happy for the next 30 years. Combine that with SK's blog and basically I've died and gone to heaven.

Hey the Discography website, keep coming back over and over for songs I never knew existed...over the years...excellent! Keep it up man!

Too many songs to mention here that are cool from The Church...I'd hate to be a newbie, there would be too much to catch up on...overwhelming really! Prolific indeed!

Steve keeps going on his Blog too, myspace, his paintings, art website, side music, etc...along with the other guys in the group as Marty is too.

Damn, it's hard to keep up really with all the solo releases, side projects, videos, appearances, etc...whew!

Always looking for the next surprise as always!

That's why this site is oh soooo appreciated :-)

P.S. Concerts I've been to:

Sometime Anywhere, Saint Louis, MO 1994
Hologram of Baal Tour, Chicago, IL 1998
Forget Yourself Tour, Kansas City, MO 2003
So Love May Find Us Tour, Chicago, IL 2009

....and many more to come I assume :-)


What a band! Very few can compare. Made the road trip to Falls Church, VA, to see them at the end of June. Unreal is all I can say. Loud, brash, and powerful they are. I can't wait until the next cd and am in the process of collecting all the hard to get stuff. Hope the band gets back here again next summer. And for all of you that have never seen The Church, do so before it is to late.

You are still the most diverse band in the planet. The best 29 year musical ride I've been on. Don't stop. Ric

Wow! As a new fan, I'm overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work! It will take me quite a while to "catch up" so-to-speak. I ordered Painkiller and Untitled 23 and will take it from there.

I've been posting comments on Steve's blog, but I want to say it again: THANK YOU for continuing to make music and for touring this past year. I had my first "church experience" at The Roxy in Los Angeles and have been smitten ever since.

There's something deeply intriguing about the band (that 'Je ne sais quoi' quality). It probably has something to do with being together for nearly 30 years and because you have maintained your musical/artistic integrity. I deeply admire you for refusing to sell out for more money/fame and that the artistic flame continues to burn.

Well, that's just a few things I wanted to say off the top of my head.

Thanks, guys!

How many bands that hit it big in the 80s have 16 releases with 4 stars or more on

U2? only 7
REM? only 7
The Church? I counted 16

I am so looking foward to seeing them in June at the State in Falls Church VA. It has been a long wait.

The Church's music defined my early college years. Listening to the music still tugs relentlessly on my heart! Love you!

Love the new look of the website!

You are my bible man :)

I had only a few years listening to this amazing band. The sounds of the guitars is too good. Unfortunately the group is not well known here and is too hard hear about anyone involved with this music. Anyway, I enjoy your site.

thanks, i appreciated the lyrics

Fan since 1981...currently working on a project to convert my old LP's to Digital. Found this site as I am recording. Great site! All the best to my fellow Church fans!

Raise your glass to The Church. The most musically interesting band in the last 27 years.

Very good site!!!

Great website! Thank you!

What a beautiful, indispensable site!

Nice site, I haven't been through it all yet - there's so much - but what I've seen is nicely done, full of information and accurate. If I ever get around to putting my live Church photos on the Web, I'll drop you a line...


The Church would have to be the best band I've ever taken the time to explore.
Their music keeps me sane pretty much.
I can't get through the day without "My Church."
It's great to find a site that is about the best band that has ever walked this planet.

This is one of the most comprehensive, accessible and wonderful music sites that I have ever visited. It's the entire Church music history. Infinite plaudits and accolades!

I just rediscovered the Church a few months ago. Radio Stations stopped playing their music in 1990. I am shocked! Commencing with Priest=Aura, The Church have released several magnificent CDs, and their sound is a hybrid of vintage Pink Floyd, U2 and Radiohead. Steve Kilbey's side projects are also amazing. He is a great vocalist, lyricist, bass player, painter and writer/poet. This multi-talented man has also been a humane vegetarian for the last thirty years. The Church is the most unheralded supergroup in history. Steve Kilbey is amazing.

Glad the band is still around. There's a good reasons why they, like U2, are my two favorite bands. Keeping it relatively together for over a quarter century. Saw their semi-unplugged show at the House of Blues last July. First time since their Gold Afternoon Fix show at the Warehouse in a much more together New Orleans of 1990 or '91. It's sometimes hard to remember back that far. Anyway, just want to say hello.

Love The Church!

Love the Church (esp early work).

They led the way for a scintillating modern Aussie psych scene.

Thanks for the site.

I've been hitting your site for several years now, usually in search of a lyric that I just can't quite make out after years of listening. It's an excellent place for a fanboy to be. Keep up the excellent work!

Thank you! I've been looking for the track list for that 'Survival Sampler' (Electric Lash was on it, 1983) for ages. I cannot believe you not only have the track listing but an actual PHOTO - it took me back to high school.

Thank you for making this fantastic site, Thank you to the Church for being an inspiration and continuing to make wonderful and original music. I often wonder why they are so overlooked in this country

I've slowly been realizing that a lot of the songs I really like end up being done by the Church, so I finally checked out their lyrics, and I am intrigued by each one I read. Gorgeous lyrics and I love the 'punky' sound they've retained.

Jaw-droppingly thorough, helpful and beautiful site. Congratulations and thanks.

The first time I ever heard the Church was 1986, and that was "As You Will," a perfect pop song. I was 14 years old. Since then, for a long long time, I never heard anything from them, until the middle 90's on some compilation I found their greatest (commercial) hit "Milky Way". And then all my memories and feelings from adolescent days are coming back. I was looking my old cassettes and found this "old gold" the song called "As You Will". From then I always kept looking for their albums (and in Serbia it is so, so, so hard to find that stuff, especially in these turbulent and war years in my country), but times are changing and today I have almost all their albums and several EPs. But always I needed some information about year of release, lyrics (especially), etc. Until tonight when I found this excellent site. For me this is "Ali Baba's cave". All in one place, this is FANTASTIC!!!!. I can't believe that something like this exists. All in one place.

Bands like "The Church" really deserve appreciation like this. And, what can I tell you at the end of my story? For me, their music has always been like some kind of "pleasant melancholic-dreamy fairy tale".

I REALLY LOVE THEIR MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night!

I've been stopping in here for years but never signed the guestbook I guess.

This is the place where you get all the information you need on Church releases.

I've loved this band since 1988 (when I was 15 years old), and I saw 'Reptile' really late one night on MTV. I never expected that channel to play something so refreshingly cool and, above all, inspiring. Who the hell were these guys? I proceeded to buy all of their albums on cassette, and they remain one of my all time favorite bands. Their music helped me get through high school and influenced me to join a band and make music for myself...

I have been a fan of The Church since I saw them appear on Countdown in 1981 singing the Unguarded Moment, and I was totally hooked. I have seen them live over 200 times all over Australia since the mid eighties, and they always seem to get better! Great bunch of guys!

Thanks for putting together this awesome site!!! Especially the Discography section, which has come in very handy for research with my growing Church collection.

Beautiful site, indeed.

Hawkwind it was for 30 years, but it has been The Church now for many years. And I thank you guys!

Just stumbled over your website and noticed the question from Jan 13th. I think you missed one instrumental they played live but was never recorded. It is/was called Frozen and Distant and I still have it on a live tape made directly from the board.


Fip's Response:

Frozen And Distant isn't an instrumental, at least not the version on 'A Quick Smoke At Spots' and the 2005 EMI 'Starfish' remaster (CD 2). Lyrics are listed on its SongFinder page and in the Lyrics section.

I'm a fan of the band since 1985. Although our country (Philippines) doesn't play new bands from overseas especially. Luckily, I got ahold of the album that includes the song THE UNGUARDED MOMENT. I bought it here and the album title is THE UNGUARDED MOMENT! Lately I know that they don't have an album with that title!! Maybe that's the album THE CHURCH. Anyway, that album blew me away!!! Honestly, they are the reincarnated BYRDS. But a more crafty and improved BYRDS.

Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you...

I saw the band for the first time in Madrid three days ago. I have all their records but had never seen them live.

Despite Steve's voice problems, I had a wonderful night.

Great site! Found you by the URL listed on 'Tin Mine' [Note: That URL is no longer valid. -fip].

Thank you for making such a lovely site.

Given how (deliberately?) difficult it is to discern Kilbey's lyrics, and the fact that he uses so many homonyms, double entendres and ambiguous words, I cannot imagine what you went through putting this site together! You deserve a medal!!

Keep up the amazing work!


The Church is a favorite of mine, and I hope to see them for a third time. It's been eight years since New Orleans.

Been a fan since around 86', am also musician, recently been reinvigorated by the genius of The Church. I really don't feel that songs can be written much better, both lyrically and MUSICALLY. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME and the magic the music embodies.

It is wonderful to see the words to what I consider one of the best bands ever, every album taking you on a different journey. Apart, obviously, from lyrics supplied in albums, it is great to continue that journey. Respect.

Thanks for the website... Hard to find many Church fans out there... I bought Hindsight sometime in '88 and I've been hooked ever since...

Great site - keep up the great work!!!

Whilst I'm here - can anyone list all the instrumental tracks by The Church. The first song I ever heard by them (nearly 17 years ago now - yoiks!) was an instrumental, but I've never been able to find it since.


Fip's Response (updated regularly):

Remote Luxury - Remote Luxury & Sing-Songs//Remote Luxury//Persia
The Golden Dawn - Hindsight (CD 1) & The Blurred Crusade 2002 EMI Remaster (CD 2)
Happy Hunting Ground - Heyday
Afterlife - A Quick Smoke At Spots & Starfish 2005 EMI Remaster (CD 2)
Film - Priest = Aura
Eastern - Sometime Anywhere
Grandiose - Magician Among The Spirits/MATS+
Romany Caravan - Magician Among The Spirits/MATS+
Afterimage - Magician Among The Spirits/MATS+
Bastard Universe
Serpent Easy - Forget Yourself Ltd. Ed. Bonus Disc & Beside Yourself
Moodertronic - Forget Yourself Ltd. Ed. Bonus Disc & Beside Yourself
The Sexual Act - Jammed
Interlock - Jammed
Between Mirages - el momento descuidado
Comeuppance - el momento siguiente
We Dwell In Fragile Temporary - Shriek: Excerpts from the soundtrack
Shriek Theme - Shriek: Excerpts from the soundtrack
Truffidian Church - Shriek: Excerpts from the soundtrack
A Tragi-Comic Family Story - Shriek: Excerpts from the soundtrack
Shriek - Reversal - Shriek: Excerpts from the soundtrack
The Coffee Song Instrumental - Coffee Hounds EP
Particles Matter - Operetta single
The Kicker - Deadman's Hand single


I'm from Chile, South America, and here to find The Church's stuff is harder to find than Bin Laden wearing bell bottom jeans. Except, of course, the obvious material (Starfish, Gold Afternoon Fix, and if you're fortunate, Priest=Aura). So I must thank you for this great site.

But I would like to know about their influences. They say that they don't pay attention to what's going on in the outside world, but you could find that Johnny Marr, Robert Smith, and Even Roger Waters may not agree with that.

*** WEB SITE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***

Hi, just want to say one of the songs that affects me more on this earth than any is Reptile by The Church! Amazing track. I remember seeing it live and it sent shivers down my spine that I can feel when I listen to it, as I am listening to it NOW!... Also looove "She Never Said", "Too Fast For You", "Under The Milky Way" and more....

Great site!
Keep it up!

A web site that just KEEPS ON GIVING!

You are necessary and MUCH appreciated, Fipmaster!


Fantastic work. My hat's off to you....

This has to be the best pure information web site for The Church.

The fipster rocks!!!!

I don't know if one person or a crowd of people are responsible for this wonderful, wonderful site.

I have 27 Church records, but just recently discovered "Forget Yourself" and "Isidore." I'm listening to "Isidore" for the first time right now and the first two songs are amazing. I'm so grateful for your site—after hearing "Musidora," I went straight to your site to see what crazy and lovely things Steve is singing about. The Church are famously dificult to understand and often leave lyrics off their CD's. Not only is your site beautiful to look at and set up for very easy use, you seem to have included everything they've ever done. Thank you so, so, much. Grace


I have consulted your site for years, anytime I want to find out the lyrics to a song, or more info about side projects. You have the most organized, easy to use, and attractive fan site around.

Thank you so much!

ima (jim)

I have been a devoted fan of The Church since Starfish was released. I was living in St. Louis and attending school. From the opening of Destination I knew I was going to love that album from start to finish. The Church moved me and it was not long before I learned how to play every song from the album on my drumkit. When Gold Afternoon Fix came out my love for their art continued to deepen. Regardless of whichever album I continue to aquire, I find no flaw in their creations. This site is off-planet! Keep up the great work. Cheers!!!

It took me a couple of years to find this website.

This site is wonderful. Don't let go away. I thought I'd never find a site like this. Keep the good things rolling.

I love THE CHURCH and will for the rest of my life.

That's one of the best made discographies I ever stumbled upon in the web and elsewhere. Chapeau!

This web site has to be one of THE most researched and thoughtfully laid out sites on the web. I cannot believe how much data there is and I have learnt quite a bit about the prolific nature of this quartet called the church.

Again my kudos and hat-tipping to the creators for the care and attention to scouring every nook and cranny of existence to uncover the material available.

Much indebted,
Ian Stewart

Keep up the site! Nice work!!!!!

Been a Church fan since '88 living in the deep south of the United States of America where only a scant few know about this great band. My fondness for the Church increases monthly, if not daily, as I continue to dig into their catalog and Kilbey's solo work and side projects. How this band does not get more attention is beyond me. Kilbey is presently at his best vocally and lyrically and the music being made by the band today is their best ever. Thanks to the boys for being there and doing quality work. Please don't ever stop and don't ever doubt that we are still listening and that this band will always be relevant. Please come to the southern United States again!

Amazing effort! Good job. You are obviously a nut.


Fip's Response:

Obviously ;-)

simply great! you can find everything about the group. thanks

Again congratulations on your superb site. Why don't you add the words of the MWP and Martin Rossel demos? After all even though they were only released on the internet, those are great songs! I'd love to see the texts.

Great church discography site. Very comprehensive.

escucho a la iglesia, desde hace quince años, y considero a este grupo como uno de los mejores, forget youself es un gran album, mi cancion favorita es june the church significa la iglesia en español. saludos desde, mexico.

Love the music and the website! How can I get a copy of a live concert on DVD and when are they going to tour Scotland? We love them here!!!


Fip's Updated Response:

The '92 Enmore show was available on DVD, though it's not much to look at. Your best bet is the A Psychedelic Symphony DVD, the band performing at the Sydney Opera House with the George Ellis Orchestra in 2011. You may want to join the The Church Band (Bootlegs) Facebook Group - there is some video available there. Or go to The Church Concert Chronicle Downloads page and look for video downloads.

I love the Church. I saw them play live in Memphis and met them backstage. I wish there would be another Jack Frost album.

Great site! Very thorough and impressive. Keep it up!

Just great. Thank you for this marvellous site. I've already (yesterday) passed a few hours on it.
A long time Belgian fan.
Vanderbeck Philippe, known as Philabeybe (guitarist and music lover)

Thank you Mike, for this fantastic website and all that it includes - discography, lyrics, tour pages etc. AND for continuously updating all of the above! I refer to this site more than any other Church related website, including the official one. You're the man!

I find this site invaluable especially because, as a non native english speaker I find it very hard to grasp all the inflections and words...

Cheers from Italy!

Thank you, when someone not only finds the lyrics to the song "freaky conclusions" but even neatly lists it for all to see, along with just about anything else... very nice.

I have been a fan since "Heyday." I just saw The Church last night in Seattle for the third time and they just keep getting better and better. I look forward to seeing you guys next time around and thank you for your incredible music.

Fantastic site! Nicely laid out, great graphics. Best site I've found yet at interpreting certain lyrics (been trying to figure out the whispers in "Chaos" and some stuff from the Refo:mation and Snow Job albums for years). Keep up the good work...


I'm mailing from Brasil, and the website is great!

All the best!

Very nice site, lots of info! Why do you not have 'Electric Dreams' listed in the movies section? 'Electric Lash' was played pretty much in full. It's on the tube every now and then and is available for a very high price on Amazon (sans full credits info). Just a cute early 80's romance, but given the popularity of the flick at the time, people got to meet the church without even realizing it.


Fip's Response:

I have Electric Dreams (on Beta no less) and there is no Church song to be heard. I even suffered through the movie again to make sure. Maybe the soundtrack was altered for different countries? If anyone has more info please send it in.

An incredible site. I have viewed things here that I have never seen before. I believe this is the most complete discography of any artist that I have seen. I have a tremendous Church vinyl collection and almost everything I could get on CD, both band and solo! My hat is off to you!!!!!

Very informative well set out website. If I need to know any info, need I look any further? Well done!

I've listened to countless bands and played in some too. The Church is my favorite of all time.

Nice site! Noticed a concert date in Atlanta in March [2004]. Will go now. Thanks for the info.

Huge fan since '88. Excellent site.

Since there exist this Church Discography, I do regularly go on's great!! Thanks for your effort to keep it updated.

Great stuff! Great band!

You have a fantastic site here. Thanks for letting me look had been years since I read the lyrics to the Vast Halos album as I've lost my original cassette.

It's Great. Just what I needed. Thanks.

Gran grupo de culto, un saludos desde México

A most useful site! I refer to it regularly to authenticate Church and related music before I buy from eBay. Keep up the good work.

This place has been an absolute godsend for me picking up obscure Church related bits and pieces down these last couple of years. Thanks for all the great work Mike. Seriously. Brian

This is the best-kept discography I've ever come across and has come in handy so many times. Thank you, Mike!

an invaluable work....

will surely rival that book about God, whatever it's called....

The Fipster is a literary genius... when it comes to Church facts he has no equal.

I'm getting some merchandise things together at the moment for the band for the 2003-04 tour. When I need some info, where do I go? HERE! Keep up the good work, Mike.

Mike, this has got to be one of the most complete discographies I have ever seen by any band on any planet! I am always amazed at the level of completeness and the overall organization of this most important website. Keep up the "most excellent" work!

Just listened to Priest=Aura today and as always it is a transforming experience. Had to do some surfing afterward and came across this site. Keep up the good work.

I am creative person and I have a photographic memory. I think your website stands out compared to some of the other Artists websites I have seen out there. Too many of them look the same. However, yours is definitely one that will stick out in my mind I think for a long time.

You the acolytes of The Church are NOT liars.

Thanks for putting so much work into this project - it's an invaluable reference and one of the easiest sites I've come across on the web to read and navigate.
All the best,

When the Church started out in 1980, I thought their guitar sound was taking up where bands like The Beatles, etc., had left off at around 1966. The thought of a current band actually entering this (for me) sacred ground totally freaked me out. The Church lost their way a bit around 1994, but I am still a life long fan. Don't anyone ever lose faith in the Church and what they aspire to achieve.

An excellent resource indeed, I have been an avid Church fan for 12 years now and I still come here to find items I have yet to pick up. Especially Solo singles and side projects. Thanks so much for taking the painstaking time to put this together and keep it updated. We Church fanatics certainly owe a debt of gratitude. Maybe we can meet somewhere along our Churchy travels!

I look at your discography these days and see the counter and just think if you knew at the time you were creating this page and taking this task over just how invaluable this resource has become for all the people floating in the ether out there who are just now only discovering this wonderful discography, the hordes of information on shad cab, and the discussions on seance and hotel womb. I wonder if you knew that your discography would rival those other sites in importance, perhaps even surpassing them. At any rate, I am extremely thankful that you took it upon yourself to not only create but also (and more importantly) to maintain this site. Every Church fan owes you a beer, and if we should ever meet, you should remind me of this.