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1.Arcadia (2:13)
2.Swinging On The Moon (4:45)
3.Karnak (3:07)
4.Warren (2:58)
5.Horizon* (3:35)
6.Brass Razoo (2:47)
7.I've Been Here Before (4:01)
8.Euphoric Recall (2:30)
9.Anglesea (5:05)
10.Amorous Plethora (1:57)
11.I Wish (4:59)
12.Bound In Servitude (2:52)
13.Unrule (4:19)
14.Ariadne (4:37)   [Not on CD]
15.More Or Less (2:47)
16.Tears Of Mer Ek (2:19)
17.Everything For Sale (3:28)
18.I Shall Not Want (5:06)
19.Tantric Hammer (5:07)
20.A Temple (2:51)
21.Beginning Of Mercy (3:28)
22.A Gone Dream (2:53)
23.Love Song Yet To Be Named (4:43)

* Listed as "Horizon Meets The Ground" on many online services.

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Steve Kilbey - Vocals, 12 string guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion, keyboards
Barton Price - Drums, percussion
Roger Mason - Piano, organ, cello, nyckelharpa, lap dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, bowed dulcimer, Japanese key harp, octave mandolin, Irish accordion, mellotron, hurdy-gurdy, synthesizer, psaltery, percussion, backing vocals
Gareth Koch - Cümbüs, yayli tambur, oud, classical guitar, flamenco guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Reuben Alexander - Harmonica
Taras Jones - Harp
Rachel Poh - Backing vocals, photography

Produced by Steve Kilbey
Co-produced, Engineered, Mixed by Andrew Beck
Recorded at Damien Gerard Studios West Gosford
Mastered by William Bowden
Executive Producer: Jason Comerford without whom this record would not have been made.
Big thanks to Marshall Cullen for everything.
Roger would like to very much thank Jo Forster for all her valuable assistance.
Collage by Christiana Monored
Layout by Jamie Coghill

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