I See Your Beginning

S. Kilbey

Appears On:

From a demo reel dated Dec. 14, 1983, also containing "The Collector" and "A Means To An End."

Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Dec. 15, 2021]

Don't touch the snake who beckons you, his eyes are full of ice
You'll be slippery just like he is, living on many mice

And I see you're beginning to undergo a subtle change of scale
It's not the first time that I've noticed, and there on hangs a tale

The royalties that they fling at you almost brush your ears
Some people just arrived from another world that isn't far from here

And I see you're beginning to understand that your circulation's been weird
And you squeeze the life out of everything, exactly as I feared

I see your beginning
[Repeated to end of song]