Steve Kilbey - Artifacts - Second Motion Cover

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1.This Is Goodbye (2:40) (Previously unavailable)
2.That Promise (6:02) (Previously unavailable) /
3.Someone Calls You (4:37) (aka "Someone Calls You On") /
4.Uncle, Uncle (4:03) (Previously unavailable)
5.Jap Thing (1:38) (instrumental) (aka "Rising Son") /
6.Into My Hands (3:40)
7.Premonition (4:06) (Previously unavailable) /
8.No, No, No (4:47) (aka "A Month Of Sundays")
9.Shell (3:51)
10.As The World (3:17) (aka "Arm Chair") /
11.The Collector (4:49) /
12.Your Beginning (3:54) (aka "I See Your Beginning") /
13.Means To An End (4:15) (aka "A Means To An End") /
14.This Is The Same (4:59) (Previously unavailable) /
15.True Blues (3:09) (aka "Blues") /

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This is a collection of old Steve Kilbey demos, dating from the early to mid '80s, that likely leaked out of Karmic Hit Studios. This CD was originally shared among fans, with Steve Kilbey's permission, in 2006.

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