Arm Chair

S. Kilbey

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Sept. 4, 2013]

Floating in window knives
A love call, a piece of you
I learn, I say sit tight
They've torn the least of you

As the world
Jostles through the stars
Life is such a blast
Always rushing past you

And there, parceled and bare
A land where you meet a man
You stare in the arm chair
As you prepare to be him again

And as the world
Pushes through the dark
Hardly leaves a mark
This is all a lark, ohh...

It's the trying that's so hard
Down on drumstick boulevard
It's as a soldier pretends
It's as a story won't end

And when it rains the sky sighs
And the ocean sun drags
The girls are all there
With controls and brown hair