S. Kilbey
(Karmic Hit Publishing)

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Sept. 9, 2013]

The fire suggests goodbye
It's the end of abstract embraces
Cold water daylight scattered
A week to get it out of the body
I've forgotten all my best lines
Like incense in the fan mail
The puppet's got hold of its strings
Are you calmer in your armour?
Goblin skinny fingers tugging on my...

The blues is in your answer
You nod but it means nothing
Just a perfect stranger
You sing your stupid anthem
And the world becomes transparent
A ball quite old and silent
A network of temptation
Left smouldering and ruined
Reptile little captains biting on my...

The rest has taught us nothing
Reappear with both guns blazing
And waste the ticket seller
Who wasn't even in your story
And it's fools like him who catch you
When the government is falling
And the endless past is calling
Until the words become undrowned
Desperate dying signals getting on my...

The book remains unopened
The gift has been returned
The Incas gone forever
But it's nothing worth repeating
So we sit among our gardens
And never lift a finger
And never dream to argue
Or even poke the ashes
Wonder what I'm doing in another year or...