Of Skins And Heart

For a Moment We're Strangers

[Em]In the empty place the soul stripped bare
Of skins and heart and I come a[G]part
In your icy [Bm]hands
I forget my [Am]role, [D]as I stare into your [C]soul
[Em]In the empty place you change your mind
You change your clothes you change your [G]pose
for a perfect [Bm]fit
I forget the [Am]cast, [D]as I stare into your [C]past

[G]For a moment we're s[C]trangers
[G]For a minute you l[C]ook away
[G]For a second or [Em]always
[F]For an instant another [Em]day
[F]Such strange things you [Em]say

In the empty place we dress our wounds
Collect our coats, a window gloats
Above a street
I prepare my case, as I stare into your face


Just one me one you
The world contains a few
Is it true, is it truly new
Are we through the stolen door once more


Chrome Injury

[D]Cut your life into the steel
Take your place behind the wheel
Watch the metal scene just peel a[A]way
[D]Don't forget me, don't regret me
Don't replace and don't upset me
But don't forget to come and get me some[A]day

[D]I was somewhere far away
But I knew I couldn't stay
German girls in an expo[A]se
[D]Sitting on an empty train
Staring at the winter rain
Going through the scene again and a[A]gain

[Bm]Poor tormented [F#m]automan
[A]Giant pincers [E]for a hand
[Bm]Sinking slowly [F#m]in the sand [A] [E]
[Bm]Chrome injury [F#m]on his cheek
[A]Three days strong, [E]four days weak
[Bm]Listen as he [F#m]tries to speak [A] [E]
If only I could feel [D]

Falling down standing still
Always there's more time to kill
Flamingos startled in a shrill display
Don't forget me, don't regret me
Don't replace and don't upset me
But don't forget to come and get me some day


If I [F]only wasn't steel


The Unguarded Moment

So [C]hard finding inspi[F]ration
I knew you'd find me [C]crying
Tell those girls with [G]rifles for minds
That their [Em]jokes don't make me laugh
[F]They only make me feel like [C]dying
In an unguarded [F]moment [G]

So long, long between mirages
I knew you'd find me drinking
Tell those men with horses for hearts
That their jibes don't make me bleed
They only make me feel like shrinking
In an unguarded moment

{ci:Bridge, play 2 times}
[D] [A]  [D] [A]  [Bb]  [C]

So deep, deep without a meaning
I knew you'd find me leaving
Tell those friends with cameras for eyes
That their hands don't make me hang
They only make me feel like breathing
In an unguarded moment

Tab for the bridge transcribed by Drew James:

I can offer at least the bridge to The Unguarded Moment.
Here it goes: (this is the part that Peter plays (at least on

E | 10-9----10-9----10-10----10----12----10
B | 10-10---10-10---11---11----11--13----11
G |  9-9-----9-9----10-----10------12----10

E | 10-9----10-9----10-------------12----10
B | 10-10---10-10---11-------------13----11
G |  9-9-----9-9----10-------------12----10

E | 10-9----10-9----10-------------12----13
B | 10-10---10-10---11-------------13----13
G |  9-9-----9-9----10-------------12----12

To get the timing right you really have to listen to the song
(duh) but you just keep playing the xxx(10)(11)(10) instead of
picking it the second and third times through.

Tab for the solo transcribed by Russell Cook 25 Apr 1996:

This is my first go at tabing and I am going by memory
as I don't have the record available at the moment. At
least it's in the same key as the Chord transcription
below. Transcription is in 1/16 notes. A "." below a note
is a dotted note.

                                            .           .
   C   E   F  E  C G    C  E    F  E  C  G  C  E  F  E  C G  G G G G

Repeat as necessary :-)

Last run thru has an ritardo on the G and ends on the starting C

                                            .           .
   C  E    F  E  C  G  C  E  F  E  C G   G  C  E  F  E  C G     G    G



Memories In Future Tense

[Em]Last year today seemed a long way away
And [C]ahead of me
A [Em]new face and street, people who meet you
In[C]stead of me
[B]They bring you, [A]they take you
[B]They own you, [A]they make you

[Em]Last year today you turn and you say
Here's a [C]dream for me
[Em]You close your eyes, the moon starts to rise
And you [C]scream for me
[B]I calm you, [A]I'm with you
[B]What did they [A]ever give you [D]

[G]Memories in future tense
Memories don't make much [D]sense

Last year today a radio plays
Such a simple song
The music surreal and you almost could feeel
That there's nothing wrong
They bought you, they sold you
And all the things they told you



(First Lead)
E | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
B | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
G | 7----9--11-9---11-12\11-12--14\12-11\7----14--14--14\12--11-12--12--11-9--7- |
D | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
A | 5----7--9--7---9--10\9--10--12\10--9\5----12--12--12\10--9--10--10--9--7--5- |
E | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

A [D]palm tree nodded at [Em]me last night
Said [G]hey you look so [D]pale
I don't know if it was the air or the [Em]breeze in my hair
I had a [G]feeling I had [D]failed  [F#m]

(Short Riff)
E | ------------------------
B | ------------------------
G | --------------0---------
D | 7\5-5\4-4\2p0-----------
A | ------------------------
E | ------------------------

So down to the beach just out of reach
The moon was being trailed
A girl and a sailor and a hot dog trailer
That's their holy grail

The sand whispered heat and burned the feet
Of gulls landing on the shore
In the motel pool the waitress cools
She doesn't ask for more

She makes a wish she takes a risk
She opens up her door
Through human eyes she's a dolphin in disguise
It's the last night of the war

Somewhere far away there's another day
And someone's getting out of bed
She put on her face in the morning space
She doesn't know she's dead

Her [G]ruby lips can't [F]excite me any[C]more
And [Dm]pain sprawls on the [F]chair, it's always [C]there
And [Dm]he descends the [F]stairs, he doesn't [C]see
The [Dm]sunburnt landlord [F]glares, for all the [C]people [Dm]
He can [F]never be [C] [Dm]


Is This Where You Live

[D]Oceanic lights are cleverly dim
Blueish features in the lower reaches
We raise out traffic flares to him
Fishnet, girlish the red ones spark
Holy arcs tracked in the dark
The more I see the less I look
Here's another name I took
Listen! In the early morning air
The remnants of their evening wear
Branching off, the road winds east
Deluxe locations just near completion
Come dine with wine and oyster feast
The pearls are real, have one for free
They're washed up by the foam waved sea
The more I look the less I smile
Never mind let's stay awhile
The fans blow secrets on the night
Out of mind but not out of sight
Is this where you live

[D]Broken voices the nylon choir
Nothing left to stoke that fire
[F]All they own is on their tongues
[D]They never see or wonder if
[G]Is this where you [D]live

[D]Thin dog's don't vie for bones
Why desert just to be alone
[F]All they own is on their backs
[D]They can't believe it's you I'm with
[G]Is this where you [D]live

[D]Don't blush as I brush your touch
No need for any speed or rush
[F]All you own is on the floor
[D]I'm buying all you're gonna give
[G]Is this where you [D]live

[D]Coffee stories the lying truth
Electric lights don't help my youth
[F]All I owned is on my face
[D]Urbane mirror anger myth
[G]Is this where you [D]live


She Never Said

[Em]I'm not exact but I'm [F]not insane
I [Em]clutched at someone in the [F]dark again
[Em]It's so hard to re[F]member her name she never [Em]said

[Em]It was in a story that I [F]wanted to write
[Em]The details weren't important, the [F]plot was slight
[Em]No-one asked what [F]happened that night she never [Em]said

[Em]Get out of bed, [D]pull on a shoe
[C]I've got a notion what we [B7]ought to do
[Em]Here's a number you can [D]try to ring
[C]I'm still thinking about [B7]all the things she never [Em]said [F]

I parked my car by some memories
And told my story to the laughing trees
They don't know what's wrong with me, she never said

All the letters had the wrong address
Did you notice who cleared up the mess
What the date was is anybody's guess she never said



Don't Open the Door to Strangers

[G]Don't open the door to [Em]strangers
[G]Don't let them in, to your [C]heart
They only [D]want to take you [Em]far from me [D]
[C]Don't open the [D]door to[G]night

[G]Don't trust the man in the [Em]windows
[G]Don't let him buy all your [C]dreams
He only [D]wants to make them [Em]all his own [D]
[C]Don't open the [D]door to[G]night

[Bm]See the angry sea, it's a sign for me
[C]There's another shore, what we waiting for
[Bm]Feel the wind is sad, all the things I had
[C]Blown away and falling around [D]me [C] [Bm] [Am]

Don't leave your thoughts unguarded
Don't let them float where they will
They never tell me what I want to know
Don't open the door tonight


Tear It All Away

Tabbed by Mick Anderson.

D(f# f# f# e f# f# e f# | f# f# g f# g f# e f#)  (notes added to D chord)
 People say to see is to believe
 Then they just believe in that they can perceive
 What they see is not the total view
 Filtered between the me and you

G                  F#m                       G
 But I'm trying so hard, just to tell you I care

                    F#m                    Em                C
 And I've wanted so long, to tear it all away, tear it all away

D(f# f# f# e f# f# e f# | f# f# g f# g f# e f#)  (notes added to D chord)
 People say well you just had to be there
 And all the time you know they've never been there
 And it makes me sad to sit and think
 All those empty souls are nearly at the brink

G                  F#m                    G
 But I'm trying so hard, just to open my eyes

                 F#m                       Em                C
 To seeing some things, that tear it all away, tear it all away

D(f# f# f# e f# f# e f# | f# f# g f# g f# e f#)  (notes added to D chord)
 People grow up and learn to drive some car
 But I did that and it doesn't get you far
 The things you want are never to be found
 And in the end it's all some running round

G                  F#m                      G
 But I'm trying so hard, just to keep to myself

                   F#m                      Em                C
 The things that I hope, will tear it all away, tear it all away

 G / /  D7 / /  G / /  Em / /  G / /  D7 / /  G / /  D7 / /  G / /

Em                      D                         C     D
 I thought you would know, I thought you would know

D(f# f# f# e f# f# e f# | f# f# g f# g f# e f#)  (notes added to D chord)
 People say they think that they are sure
 But then they turn away and don't go back no more
 What they saw was not the perfect sight
 Just their own face reflected in the night

G                  F#m                          G
 But I'm trying so hard, just to tell you it's now

                       F#m                      Em                C
 And I'm gonna keep on trying, to tear it all away, tear it all away

 D(f# f# f# e f# f# e f# | f# f# g f# g f# e f#)
[                                               ]   Repeat and fade

Here's a short one:

Two chords between single quotes means they're played in the same bar.
They're half notes, where the others are whole notes.

Verse: D Em7 (rpt) G Bm G 'Bm7 D' Em C