The Church performing live at their ARIA Hall of Fame induction - 10/27/10

These are all the known shows. Undoubtedly, there are many early shows yet to be documented.
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1999 (Roll over or tap a date link to see the setlist)

A Box Of Birds US TourPoster
 (Support: Princess Christy & The Pirates)
 (Support: The Senseless Happy [aka Vinesway])Flyer
 (aka: Steveless in NYC; Support: Angry Salad)Entire Show
Steve Kilbey was arrested the previous night and could not attend. The others played the show without him with the help of Ward, the tour manager/roadie, on bass.
Entire Show
 (Support: Baby Ray)
(aka The 9:30 Club)  (Support: Magnet)
(defunct, now MONA [Museum Of New Art])
 (Support: Box-O-Car)
1999-09-27Minneapolis, MN, USA - First Avenue  (Support: The Busiest Bankruptcy Lawyers in Minnesota, The Glenrustles)Poster
 (Support: Decanonized)
(defunct)  (Support: Daughters of the Nile)
 (Support: 3SKS [Tri-State Killing Spree])
1999-09-21Portland, OR, USA - Roseland Theater  (Support: Dal)Poster
 (Support: 100 Watt Smile, ???)
 (Support: Wayside, Moonwash Symphony)
(defunct, closed July 2015)  (Support: Ester)Poster
 (Support: The Problem With Gravity)

1998 (Roll over or tap a date link to see the setlist)

Hologram of Baal World Tour
Hologram of Baal European Tour
TicketAftershow Pass
, 94.9 FM (now BBC Radio London)  (with Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes and Marty Willson-Piper)
1998-12-19Saarbrücken, Germany - Garage
1998-12-15Hamburg, Germany - Grosse Freiheit 36
 (No Support)
1998-12-13Malmö, Sweden
1998-12-11Oslo, Norway - John Dee (in the basement of Rockefeller Music Hall)
1998-12-09Copenhagen [København], Denmark
Hologram of Baal Australian Tour
1998-11-13Perth (Fremantle), WA, Australia - Metropolis  (Support: The Chevelles)Poster
 (Support: Rebecca's Empire)
 (Support: Rebecca's Empire)PosterEntire Show
1998-11-06Brisbane (Fortitude Valley), QLD, Australia - The Arena Ad
1998-11-05Byron Bay, NSW, Australia - Great Northern Hotel
1998-10-31Sydney (Narrabeen), NSW, Australia - The Narrabeen Sands Hotel (aka The Sands)  (Support: Rebecca's Empire)Ad
 (Support: Rebecca's Empire, Plunge)Ad
1998-10-29Sydney, NSW, Australia - The Metro Theatre  (Support: Rebecca's Empire, Plunge)Ad
 (Support: Rebecca's Empire)Ad
Hologram of Baal North American TourPosterPoster by Thomas Irvin
(defunct)  (Support: The Given)
 (Originally booked at The Ogden Theatre | Support: Space Team Elektra)PosterEntire Show
(now the Buckhead Theatre)
(aka The 9:30 Club)  (Support: Symposium)
 (Support: The Rosenbergs and Poem Rocket)
Photos at the Studio M site
(a bar near Fenway Park that was owned by Aerosmith until 1999, then became Lansdowne Street Music Hall, now owned by House of Blues)
 (No Support)
 (Support: State of Being)Entire Show
, 91.1 FM (Case Western Reserve University)  (with Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Tim Powles and Marty Willson-Piper)
 (Support: Heather Nova)
(defunct, now MONA [Museum Of New Art])  (No Support)Entire Show
 (Support: The Aluminum Group, Milk & Honey)
1998-09-30Minneapolis, MN, USA - Let It Be Records - Live in-store appearance Flyer
 (Support: Pure)Poster
 (Support: Black Atmosphere, Pilot)Signed Poster (from the collection of Hans Beckers)
 (Support: Pilot)Poster
(defunct, closed July 2015)
 (Support: Sixpence None The Richer)Entire Show
(defunct, closed in 2019)  (Acoustic warm-up gig, Steve and Marty only)Flyer
, 94.9 FM (now BBC Radio London)  (with Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper)
(defunct, closed in 2019)  (Acoustic warm-up gig, Steve and Marty only)Flyer
Short acoustic tour of Ireland - Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper only (at the invitation of their friend Frank Kearns of Cactus World News)

Reportedly, there was an audience of only 17 at this show.
- Free warm-up gig Flyer

1997 (Roll over or tap a date link to see the setlist)

1997-11-15Brisbane, QLD, Australia
 (Support: Love Me, Crow, Karma County)AdReview
1997-10-30Sydney (Parramatta), NSW, Australia - Argyle St. Hotel (defunct, demolished)  (Support: Love Me, Karma County)AdPole Poster
 (Support: Augie March, The Blackeyed Susans)Most of Show (poor audio)
 (Support: The Blackeyed Susans, The Swordsmen)Ad

1996 (Roll over or tap a date link to see the setlist)

1996-09-29Perth (Fremantle), WA, Australia - Planet Nite-ClubShow Cancelled
1996-09-28Perth, WA, Australia - High Hopes in Shenton Park Hotel  Show Cancelled
1996-09-27Adelaide, SA, Australia - Cartoons NightclubShow Cancelled
 (Support: The Paradise Motel, The Earthmen)Reviews: The Age | InPress MagazineEntire Show
1996-09-24Canberra (Acton), ACT, Australia - ANU Bar, Australian National University Union
1996-09-21Brisbane (Fortitude Valley), QLD, Australia - The Roxy
(in Coogee Bay Hotel)  (Support: The Bhagavad Guitars, The Earthmen, Glide)
 (Support: The Earthmen)

1995 (Roll over or tap a date link to see the setlist)

The Songwriters' Tour 1995 - The Church Acoustic (Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper only)Poster
1995-08-22Sydney, NSW, Australia - Annandale Hotel
1995-08-17Canberra, ACT, Australia - ANU Bar, Australian National University Union  (Support: The Jackson Code)
1995-08-12Sydney (Narrabeen), NSW, Australia - The Narrabeen Sands Hotel (aka The Sands)
 (Support: Louis Tillet/Charlie Owen, Kerri Simpson & Vévé)
1995-08-10Newcastle, NSW, Australia - Newcastle University
1995-08-08Bangalow, NSW, Australia - Bangalow Bowling Club
1995-08-07Brisbane, QLD, Australia - Grand Orbit
1995-08-06Gold Coast (Broadbeach), QLD, Australia - The Edge at Broadbeach Tavern
1995-08-04Adelaide, SA, Australia - Synagogue (aka The Havana, The Church Nightclub - now closed)
1995-08-02Perth, WA, Australia - The Koolroom (now The Grosvenor Hotel Back Room)
1995-07-30Melbourne (St Kilda), VIC, Australia - The Esplanade Hotel, Gershwin Room  (Support: Louis Tillet/Charlie Owen, Kerri Simpson & Vévé)
1995-07-27Hobart, TAS, Australia - Hobart University Bar
1995-07-26Launceston, TAS, Australia - Playroom
US Acoustic Tour - Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper only
1995-02-05San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA - The Coach House
(defunct, closed July 2015)
, 101.9 FM
1995-02-02Redondo Beach, CA, USA - The Strand  (Support: Hinge)
 (Support: Me Jane)
 (Support: Situation 5, Holiday Flyer)Ticket
1995-01-27Ventura, CA, USA - Ventura Theatre  (Support: Dreaming In Tongues)Steve Kilbey Interview
Irish Times Review

1994 (Roll over or tap a date link to see the setlist)

Sometime Anywhere European Acoustic Tour - Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper only
1994-12-05Tampere, Finland - Yo-talo
1994-12-02Turku, Finland - Appelsiini  (Support: Going Public)
1994-11-29Lund, Sweden - Mejeriet  (playing at the weekly Rydes Bar event)
1994-11-26Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
1994-11-25Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
(Swedish National Radio) - Interview and live performance
(defunct, closed in 2019)
(defunct, closed in 2019)TNT Review
, 94.9 FM (now BBC Radio London)
Sometime Anywhere US Acoustic Tour - Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper only
1994-06-14Las Vegas, NV, USA  (Free show)
1994-06-13Phoenix, AZ, USA - Andersons
, San Diego State University - 91X-FM Sunfest
Also featuring the James, The Rugburns, Violent Femmes, Rollins Band, The Smithereens, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Frente! and Green Day.
All 5 songs from this show were played on the Westwood One Radio Network IN CONCERT: NEW ROCK - Show #95-04, week of Jan. 16, 1995.
The radio show tracks were then released on the Acoustic Sermon bootleg.
1994-06-11Los Angeles, CA, USA - Luna Park Nightclub (now Moomba) On The Street Review
hosted by Tricia Halloran 
(defunct), a restaurant within Tom McCall Waterfront Park (Steve & Marty performing a free show outside the restaurant)
Reportedly, a rude audience demanded "Under The Milky Way," so after 3 songs they played it, and ended the show.
(defunct cafe/laundromat - now Spitfire) - 2nd (longer) free show for 100 people 
1994-06-07Seattle, WA, USA - Sit & Spin (defunct cafe/laundromat - now Spitfire) - 1st free show for 100 people
- Part of KWOD Fest (KWOD 106.5 FM, now Star 106.5 FM)
Appearing in order: Eve's Plum, Possum Dixon, The Church, Beck, and Violent Femmes.
(a recording studio) - Broadcast Live on KFOG 104.5 FM  (tickets given away by KFOG)
1994-06-04Denver, CO, USA - Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre (now Coors Amphitheatre) - "KTCL's Big Adventure" Poster
Headliners: Pretenders, Violent Femmes and Candlebox. Also playing: Paw, Eve's Plum, Frente! and The Call.
1994-06-02St. Louis, MO, USA - Mississippi Nights (defunct, closed in 2007)  (Support: Michael Been of The Call)
 (taping for later broadcast)
 (taping for later broadcast)
(now Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica) - WENZ 107.9 The End Anniversary Show 
Headliner: Live. The Church had 2nd billing. Also playing: Grant Lee Buffalo among others.
(defunct, now Wonder Bar)  (Some tickets were given away by WFNX)
1994-05-26Providence, RI, USA - Lupo's (former Peerless Department Store location)  (Tickets only given away by WBRU 95.5 FM)
 (Free outdoor lunch show sponsored by WHFS)Entire Show
 (Tickets only given away by WHTG 106.3 FM)
1994-05-23America On-Line's CenterStage - Live Q&Amp;A On-line at 10:00pm, with Keith from Arista Records  (Transcript)

1992 (Roll over or tap a date link to see the setlist)

Priest = Aura Australian Tour 1992Poster
 (Peter's farewell concert | Support: The Fauves | released as a video in 2001)Poster
Guitarist Peter Koppes left the band after this show. This was also drummer Jay Dee Daugherty's last show with The Church.
1992-10-16Wollongong (Towradgi), NSW, Australia - Waves Nightclub (in Towradgi Beach Hotel)  (Support: The Fauves)
1992-10-15Canberra, ACT, Australia - ANU Bar (Australian National University Union)  (Support: The Fauves)
1992-10-14Sydney, NSW, Australia - The Venue  (Support: The Fauves)Ticket(via Michael Griffiths)
 (Support: The Fauves)PosterEntire Show
 (Support: The Fauves)Poster
1992-10-04Perth, WA, Australia - Berlin Club Poster
1992-10-03Perth, WA, Australia - Berlin Club Poster
 (Support: The Fauves)PosterTicket
1992-08-07Hultsfred, Sweden - Hultsfred Festival (Argus Stage)  (Steve Kilbey & Marty Willson-Piper only)

1991 (Roll over or tap a date link to see the setlist)

Jokes, Magic & Souvenirs Tour - Australia '91Poster
1991-05-05Wollongong (Towradgi), NSW, Australia - Waves Nightclub (in Towradgi Beach Hotel)  (Support: Straitjacket Fits)Handbill
(in Coogee Bay Hotel)  (Support: Straitjacket Fits, The Clouds)Handbill
1991-05-03Brisbane, QLD, Australia - Transformers  (Support: Straitjacket Fits)
1991-05-02Brisbane, QLD, Australia - Transformers  (Support: Straitjacket Fits)
1991-04-30Adelaide, SA, Australia - Old Lion Hotel  (Support: Straitjacket Fits)Poster
PosterShow Review
1991-04-27Perth (Bentley), WA, Australia - Curtin UniversityPoster
 (Support: Straitjacket Fits)
 (Support: Straitjacket Fits)
(Parts of this show were on the Jokes Magic & Souvenirs bootleg. More of the show was on the A Postcard From Downunder bootleg. The full show was on the A Live Interlude 2LP bootleg.)
1991-04-24Hobart, Australia - City Hall  (Support: The Fish John West Reject)

1990 (Roll over or tap a date link to see the setlist)

Gold Afternoon Fix World Tour
Gold Afternoon Fix North American Tour - The Blue Aeroplanes supported The Church at most if not all shows.
, San Diego State University  (Support: The Blue Aeroplanes)
Show Review
1990-07-14San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA - The Coach House
1990-07-13Phoenix, AZ, USA - Caravan Convention Center (defunct)Show Cancelled
1990-07-12San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA - The Coach HouseShow Review
1990-07-11San Jose, CA, USA
1990-07-09Sacramento, CA, USA - Crest TheatreTicket (via Mike Chauby)
1990-07-07Portland, OR, USA - Melody Lane Ballroom  (Support: The Blue Aeroplanes)Poster
1990-07-06Seattle, WA, USA - Paramount Theatre  (Support: The Blue Aeroplanes)Poster
1990-07-05Vancouver, BC, Canada - Commodore Ballroom
1990-07-03Toledo, OH, USA  Show Cancelled
1990-07-02Denver, CO, USA - Paramount Theatre
, University of Minnesota 
1990-06-29Milwaukee, WI, USA - Summerfest (Rockstage)
1990-06-28Cincinnati, OH, USA - Bogart's
 (Support: The Blue Aeroplanes)
1990-06-26Atlanta, GA, USA - Center Stage Theater
1990-06-24St. Louis, MO, USA - The Fabulous Fox Theatre  Show Cancelled
Steve & Marty were spotted at an Inspiral Carpets show in Chicago at the Metro on this night.
 (Support: The Blue Aeroplanes | Free 93XRT [WXRT] Twilight Concert, Broadcast Live)
(Songs from this show were released on the Alive On The Milky Way and Acoustic Sermon bootlegs.)

Alive On The Milky Way bootleg:
1990-06-21Columbus, OH, USA - Newport Music Hall  (Support: The Blue Aeroplanes)
1990-06-20Grand Rapids, MI, USA - Club Eastbrook
1990-06-17Detroit (Royal Oak), MI, USA - Royal Oak Music Theatre
1990-06-15Philadelphia, PA, USA - Chestnut Cabaret Show Review
 (Support: The Blue Aeroplanes)
(defunct, formerly Studio 54)Poster
1990-06-10Toronto, Canada - The Danforth Music HallPoster
(at Station Square, aka I.C. Light Amphitheatre, defunct)  (Support: The Blue Aeroplanes)Show Review
(defunct - converted to apartments)
1990-06-06Norfolk, VA, USA - The Boathouse
Videos on YouTube
1990-06-02Houston, TX, USA - Numbers Nightclub  (Support: The Blue Aeroplanes)
1990-06-01Dallas, TX, USA - Bronco Bowl (defunct - demolished in 2003)Ticket
1990-05-31Austin, TX, USA - Austin Opera House (defunct)Poster
Gold Afternoon Fix European Tour - supported by Nuclear Valdez
1990-05-21Munich, Germany - The Slaughterhouse - "Live aus dem Schlachthof" ("Live from the Slaughterhouse") TV show Photo of MartyMetropolis
(defunct, demolished)Ad 1 | Ad 2FlyerTicketPhotos by Barbara Crane
(now Leeds Beckett University)Ad 1 | Ad 2FlyerTicket
| BBC Radio 1 "In Concert" Broadcast (only 6 songs):
Ad 1 | Ad 2
 (Additional Support: Concrete Blonde)Ad

Julianne Regan of All About Eve first met Marty Willson-Piper at this show, leading soon afterwards to him joining the band.
1990-05-12Grenoble, France - Zone Interdite [Forbidden Zone] Ad
1990-05-11Lausanne, Switzerland - Grande Salle de Vennes, Collège de Grand-Vennes 
VideoMusic TV Broadcast | Fan Videos
Entire Show
1990-05-05Barcelona, Spain - Zeleste (now Sala Razzmatazz)Ticket
1990-05-04Valencia, Spain - Arena Auditorium (previously Pacha Auditorium, closed in 1999, now a Consum supermarket)Ticket
1990-05-03Madrid, Spain - Jacara Plató Madrid (defunct, closed in 1991)Ticket
1990-05-02Lisbon [Lisboa], Portugal - Cinema Alvalade (defunct, demolished)AdTicket
1990-04-29Ghent [Gent], Belgium - VooruitPoster
AdEntire Show
PosterBackstage Pass
1990-04-22Oslo, Norway - The Voice
1990-04-19Malmö, Sweden - Kulturbolaget (aka KB)
1990-04-18Hamburg, Germany - MarkthallePoster

Show ReviewAd
Metropolis Concert Tour
Poster by John FoyShow Review
 (Support: The Cruel Sea [current info])Poster by John FoyAdShow Review
 (Support: Violinda)Poster by John Foy
 (Support: Violinda)Poster by John FoyShow Review
- MTV Unplugged Show #6 Recording Session - First aired March 18, 1990 Under The Milky Way | Metropolis

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